• grace cathedral nob hill

    Exploring Nob Hill

    July 06

    Built with fortunes made in silver, gold, and the Central Pacific Railroad, Nob Hill is associated with the rich and powerful. The railroad barons, known as the Big Four, were the first to build on this hill that rises over 300 feet above the waterfront. 

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  • female street musician playing guitar

    Takin’ It to the Streets

    April 06

    Dancing, skating, running, walking, and biking are only a few of the ways to take advantage of San Francisco’s Sunday Streets program. Sunday Streets feature free neighborhood festivals with events for the family, live music, and fabulous outdoor fun, all taking place on streets that are temporarily closed to traffic.

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  • family at museum

    Fun Things to do in San Francisco

    March 02

    One of the greatest things about visiting San Francisco is that there are so many things to do and see. Fortunately, the city itself in only around 49 square miles, so you don’t have to go very far to have a variety of adventures. So, whether you’re a noobie or a frequent guest, we’ve included a few suggestions below for some fun things to do while you’re in town.

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  • heliconia psittacorum tropical plant and flower

    Stranger Flowers

    February 03

    If you’ve never been to the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers, you’ll be amazed at what they have to offer. Several galleries are filled with an amazing array of everything from Amorphophallus Titanum (Corpse Flower) to Zebra Plants. However, some of their most interesting collections contain those flowers that are considered unusual, unique, or just plain strange. Check out the list below for what’s there.

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  • colorful mosaic stairway in san francisco

    Stunning Stairways

    January 06

    Many visitors to San Francisco are surprised to find that the city is home to several lovely and charming sets of tiled mosaic stairs found throughout the area, each of which features a different theme. For details, see the list below.

    16th Avenue Tiled Steps

    With a theme of “from the sea to the stars” as inspiration, artists Aileen Barr and Colette Crutcher created the handmade named tiles that make up this 163-step stairway.

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  • child playing arcade game

    A Mechanical Marvel

    December 02

    Whether you’re an aficionado or a collector of vintage mechanically operated games and artifacts, or just a fan of mechanical objects of the 20th century, you’ll be charmed and delighted with a visit to Musée Mécanique. Located at Pier 35 on Fisherman’s Wharf, this famed museum is renowned for its interactive collection of over 300 privately-owned antique penny arcade games, mechanically-operated musical instruments, and other such mechanical artifacts.

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  • graveyard cemetery

    Searching for Scary

    November 04

    One spooky thing about San Francisco is that it doesn’t have to be Halloween for ghost sightings and other such phenomena to occur—sightings of The Lady of Stow Lake, screams at the Art Institute, and the chilling sound of gunshots at Alcatraz are common year-round. Whether you’re mildly interested in paranormal experiences or consider yourself an avid ghost hunter, the Bay Area offers an amazing array of sites for both the mildly curious and seasoned paranormal explorers. For details, check out the list below.

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  • mini golf

    Mini Golf in the SF: Three of the Best

    October 07

    Calling all mini-golf aficionados: if you’re seeking the best locations for 18 holes of family-friendly fun, check out our list below for tips on where to go, and what you’ll find when you get there.

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  • guitar player

    Groovin’ at the Taube

    September 02

    Looking for amazing acts and unparalleled performers in concert at a newly-redone, cutting edge venue? If your answer was a resounding YES, then you’ll want to check out the upcoming events at the UC Berkeley Theatre at Taube Family Music Hall. With scheduled performances from such musical luminaries as Devendra Banhart, Todrick, La Santa Cecilia, Bea Miller with her Sunsets in Outer Space Tour, and Frankie Cosmos, the UC Theatre clearly stands out from the crowd when it comes to avant-garde entertainment.

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  • hike with ocean view

    Take a Hike

    August 05

    Two of the best things about San Francisco is that one, the weather is generally pleasant year-round, and two, you don’t have to go very far before leaving the city behind. This is terrific news for nature-lovers, birders, dog-lovers, and hikers, as thousands of nearby trails offer the best of the great outdoors, along with some of the most impressive views in the city. Check out the magnificence of Mount Davidson Park in Sherwood Forest. Featuring the highest peak in the city, this area is especially popular with dog-lovers and families, with over 40 acres of broach paths.

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  • little girl riding a bumper car

    Go for the Good Times at Gilroy Gardens

    July 01

    Part amusement park, part splash park, and part horticulture phenomenon, Gilroy Gardens offers first-rate family fun and loads of adventures for every age and interest. The little ones will love the low-thrill-level rides like the Apple & Worm, the Big Red Engine Co., and Bulgy the Goldfish, while older kids and adults can have a blast on the rides designated at thrill levels two and three, such as Balloon Flight, Banana Split, the Bonfante Railroad Train Ride, the Garlic Twirl, and the Mushroom Swing. Thrill-seekers won’t want to miss the level-four Quicksilver Express Mine Coaster!

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  • woman detective

    It’s Murder on this Train

    June 03

    Are you a mystery fan? Do you love the Orient Express and that celebrated sleuth Hercule Poirot? Well, now you have a chance to solve a 1920s, speakeasy-themed, murder mystery on a train. Get ready for a unique railway experience with Murder Mystery on the Napa Valley Wine Train. No magnifying glasses are needed, but wine glasses will be provided. Renowned for their luxury rail tours, gourmet cuisine, and stellar wines from regional vineyards, the Napa Valley Wine Train has joined forces with The Murder Mystery Company in offering three-hour tours.

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  • fortune cookies

    You Will Soon Visit a Fortune Cookie Factory

    May 06

    Although popularly believed to be a Chinese creation, the fortune cookie was actually conceived and came into being right here in San Francisco. They were invented by Makoto Hagiwara, a Japanese-American who is better known for creating the city’s Japanese Tea Garden. Regardless of their origins, these fragrant and tasty little golden crescents have become the traditional ending to a Chinese repast all over the country. Since August of 1962, the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory has been making custom fortune cookies by hand and from scratch and is one of the few such places left in the U.S.

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  • hippie costume

    Hail to “The Haight”

    April 01

    After becoming famous during the 1960s-1970s as home to the founders, movers, and shakers of America’s counter-culture, Haight-Ashbury remains as one of the city’s most renowned, interesting, artsy, and dynamic neighborhoods. Whether you know it as Haight-Ashbury, the Upper Haight, or “The Haight,” there’s an abundant array of eateries, shops, bars, bookstores, and other retailers that have made their home here. Additionally, a variety of artists, comedians, and musicians perform and display their work at several of the Haight’s venues. Listed here are only a few of our favorites.

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  • sanfranciscobaycruise

    Cruising Around the Bay

    March 04

    Want to get a unique perspective of San Francisco from the water? A cruise around the Bay is ideal for sightseeing and learning more about the city. Leaving from the Fisherman’s Wharf area, each cruise offers stunning views of the city’s bridges, shorelines, gorgeous sunsets, and even the infamous Alcatraz Island. For a pleasant all-purpose tour, check out the 90-minute Sunset Cruise. Indoor seating allows you to cruise in comfort and enjoy the breathtaking scenery while sipping cocktails and enjoying light appetizers.

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  • hibiscusflower

    Fascinating, Fabulous Flora

    February 04

    Heliconia, hibiscus, and Amazon water lilies, along with a myriad of some of the world’s most amazing plants and flowers, all await you any time of year at the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers. From beginning to end, the Conservatory’s five different galleries all represent five different habitats, and each offers an entertaining education in the world’s flora for the entire family. Visit the Aquatic Plants Gallery for pools that simulate the flow of a river, and are home to such specimens as orchids, bromeliads, lotus flowers, and more.

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  • sanfranciscostreets

    Hop on a PopWheel

    January 07

    For one of the most interesting tours of San Francisco, you might want to consider using a PopWheel. Taking a PopWheel Tour is fun and easy - these little conveyances are Mini-Segways, and are simple to learn to ride. The tour instructor will train you in the use and provide you with a helmet. After that, you’ll be off, following your guide through the streets of the Dogpatch neighborhood and the area around AT&T Park. Dogpatch has become the city’s fastest-growing neighborhood, as new housing complexes and large developments multiply around the area.

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